Monday, March 14, 2005

consistency, please

I ask only for consistency, since logic is obviously too much to expect...

About three weeks ago, I went shopping with my sister in the city and I bought a shirt. Unfortunately, the salesperson forgot to take off the electronic tag, which I discovered later that week when I tried to wear my new shirt.

For the next two weeks, I kept trying to make time to take the shirt to a local branch of the store, but things were pretty busy, so I never got a chance. Finally, yesterday morning, I dragged myself out of bed at about 10am (early for a Sunday, at least for me) so I could go to a mall and get the tag removed.

When I got there, the salesperson refused to take the tag off unless I could produce a receipt. Since I'd been shopping with my sister, and we'd bought a couple of items using the same credit card, my sister had that particular receipt, at my parents' house in Marin. I pointed out nicely that I wasn't about to drive to Marin to get my receipt, especially since I had the "Required for Return" sticker on the paper tag, which allows the salesperson to look up the actual record of the sale in the computer system. She refused, citing "security issues".

Finally, I decided that if I couldn't wear the shirt, I might as well return it and get the money back. Ironically, this was fine, according to store policy, since I had the aforementioned return sticker. Ye gods.

At this point, a supervisor-type person stepped in and told the salesperson to remove the tag, so I kept the shirt, although I was tempted to return it due to sheer frustration and annoyance.

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