Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NYC: Day 5

Well, the plan for yesterday failed. We did cook at home, but then we got stuck watching the Spurs and the Suns, and never made it to Small's. Maybe we'll go this weekend.

Today, we got bagels at Murray's Bagels on the way to the subway. I was a little stunned by the sheer variety of bagels and spreads. I ended up getting a sun-dried tomato bagel with plain cream cheese. I'll try and be more adventurous next time.

I gave a tech talk at work, which went surprisingly well in light of my lack of preparation, even finishing exactly on time. I was pretty busy last week, so I just wrote up some slides and figured I'd wing it. Luckily, I had found a "makeslides" script floating around on our intranet. It takes in a text file and outputs an HTML slide deck, complete with "next" and "prev" links. Consequently, writing the slides took about as much time as presenting them.

Now that that's over, I can enjoy the rest of my week in peace. I have tickets for Wicked tonight, so I guess I'll be grabbing a quick dinner and then heading over to Times Square for the show.

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