Friday, September 15, 2006

new TV show, new band

I swear, I don't have an obsession with medical TV shows.

I do still watch ER, mostly out of loyalty, and I love Scrubs, but up until recently, I never felt compelled to watch Grey's Anatomy, mostly because the main character seemed so annoying, at least judging from the endless commercials.

Then, I was at my parents' house one weekend, and was flipping through their (newly repaired) Tivo. I wasn't really in the mood for Japanese period dramas or Food Network, so I put on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. It was really good. I think by the end of the weekend I had watched all of the episodes saved on the Tivo.

I still think Meredith is kind of annoying, and has serious issues, but the show is really more of an ensemble piece than anything else, and I like that. Oh, did I mention that almost all of the men are extremely good-looking?

Anyway, I managed to watch most of the second season during the summer when the reruns were on, and then when it got to September, the network started to promote the new season, and I discovered I really, really liked the music in the commercial. A couple days after that, I was watching a rerun of Scrubs, and there it was again, the same song, How to Save a Life by The Fray. Their CD is now in my Amazon shopping cart, waiting for me to spend $15 more to get free shipping.


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