Wednesday, June 20, 2007

sad geek

This morning I stopped by the Recyclery and dropped off some old computers. I felt like I had a computer museum in my trunk.

There was a working 386 (DOS, I believe) and a 486 (running Windows 3.1), both of which I had appropriated from my parents at some point. I was most nostalgic about my Pentium Pro 200 (dual boot RedHat Linux 6.2 and Windows NT 4.0) which I had bought freshman year in college, and had up and running until a year and a half ago (8.5 years!). Finally, I also had a Pentium II 500 which I had scavenged from someone, which had been running Gentoo Linux until the ethernet card died and I was unable to find a new one that fit the motherboard.

I will now refrain from posting the photo I took of the poor computers sitting in the recycling bin.

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