Friday, January 18, 2008

board games & coffee

Yesterday, we had some people over for games. With eight people, we were able to split into two games with four people each. I played Thebes for the second time ever, and the other table played Puerto Rico. It was a fun time as always, and even though I played an extremely straightforward strategy, I managed to win this time.

Anyway, I was commenting to one of the other players that I hadn't played games in forever, but I realized that wasn't true. While in Taipei, a friend took us to a small coffeehouse near 台大, which boasted an impressive two-wall collection of board games, both for play and for sale. We spent two or three hours there, drinking tea and coffee and playing a new game, Notre Dame. I wish we had one of those around here!

Incidentally, the cafe was running an interesting promotion at the time; any female customer could get 10% off her order by doing 10 push-ups, or 20% off by doing 20. Unfortunately, the discount only applied to her drink(s), not to the rest of the table, otherwise I would have done it. (It didn't seem worth it to do push-ups in a restaurant in order to save 50 cents.)

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