Monday, September 13, 2010

hot potato salad

The other day we had some people over for homemade French bread pizzas. I wanted to have some side dishes, so we baked some garlic bread and I made a lettuce, cucumber, and radish salad.

I also had fingerling potatoes from our vegetable box, as well as leftover roast ham, so I made a potato salad as follows:

Hot Potato Salad

1. Boil potatoes (w/ skin) until soft (about fifteen minutes).

2. Dice onions and ham and stir-fry until onions are soft.

3. Chop up potatoes and combine with onions, ham, and chopped dill.

4. Add salt, vinegar and mustard to taste.

I used rice vinegar because that's what I had, and it seemed to work well. There were eight of us (seven meat-eaters), and it was gone well before most of the other food. I'll have to make it again sometime, with more potatoes.

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