Thursday, March 24, 2011

worthy investment?

I was watching TV in our family room the other day, when I noticed D had been wrestling with something in the kitchen sink for awhile. I asked him what he was doing and he showed me that one of our small Corningware bowls had gotten wedged into one of our larger Corningware bowls. He'd tried using soap (didn't help), knives (too thick), cardboard (still too thick!), and some other solutions, but had been unable to dislodge the bowls. I thought for a couple of minutes, and finally decided to see if heat would do the trick. I boiled some water, put the larger bowl in the pot until it was too hot to touch, took it out (using dish rags), and then banged it against the counter, making sure the rags would soften the impact. Bingo!

On the way out, I remarked to D that it appeared my very expensive engineering education was good for something after all.

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