Friday, December 30, 2011

Keiko a Nob Hill x 2

In the space of about two weeks we had dinner at Keiko twice. It was very good both times, and the chef even tried to adjust the menu a bit for us the second time, but I would still suggest waiting longer between visits to get more variety. I'm looking forward to going back sometime maybe in the spring or summer.

I've included the complete menu from the first visit here:

chakin sushi w/ maitake:

"extravagance de fermier" (really gorgeous presentation and very tasty too):

pan seared artisan foie gras w/ espresso sauce - accompanied w/ artichoke & Japanese sweet potato puree (the chef's signature dish and as good as always):

Hokkaido sea scallop w/ sea urchin - scallop foam, chanterelle mushroom, spinach tuille:

black angus ribeye roti - lightly dry aged ribeye served with gratin d'affinois (very well executed, not super creative in flavor though):

brioche au fromage w/ epoisses espuma (amazing! even people who don't like cheese loved this dish):

gateau chocolate w/ chestnut ice cream & passionfruit caramel sauce:

canele (D's new favorite dessert!):

As I mentioned before, the chef rotated in a few new dishes on our second visit:

carrot & blood orange salad w/ orange & dukka tuile:

stewed black angus beef, mashed potatoes, purple potato chips, chanterelle & trumpet mushrooms (I preferred this to the previous beef presentation):

yuzo-miso gratin w/ shigoku oyster, hokkaido scallop, & blue shrimp:

different presentation of the fermier salad:

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