Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Doug Christie's wife...I mean, life

So, most NBA fans are aware of the whole situation with Doug Christie and his demanding and paranoid wife, Jackie. During games, Christie signals an "I love you" to his wife after anything resembling a good play (for the longest time, I thought he was calling plays, which didn't make sense, since he's a shooting guard).

Widespread rumor has it that Christie is forbidden from speaking to female reporters, that Jackie follows the team bus everywhere in a car, and that he changes in a closet when female journalists are in the locker room. It's known for a fact that they re-enact their wedding every year (rings, vows, guests, and all), and that Jackie once smacked a female fan who touched Doug on the arm.

I've been told that among guys, a popular "you're whipped" gift is a Doug Christie jersey.

Anyway, now that Doug Christie has been traded to Orlando, I wonder if his wife is going to be able to continue with her plan to have them star in a reality TV show? It's my morbid curiousity asking.

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