Thursday, July 14, 2005

company picnic day

Today was our annual company picnic. As usual, there were a lot of fun things to do and yummy things to eat. I am apparently quite fond of violent games.

My favorites from this year:
- An American Gladiators-style jousting game, where two people stand on (wobbly!) platforms and whack at each other with padded sticks until one person falls off the platform. We actually had to sign a disclaimer for this one.
- The carnival-style machine gun game, where you shoot a star out of a piece of paper.

My favorites from the last few years:
- A water balloon slinging game, where two people get in cages and sling water balloons at each other. If you aim just right, and use most of your body weight to pull back the sling, the balloon hits the far cage such that the other person gets drenched.
- Dodgeball in a blow-up cage. Self explanatory.
- This one is not so much a game as an activity. Basically, two people get into giant plastic inflatable balls that look like hamster balls and walk/run around inside them so as to push each other in different directions.

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