Monday, August 15, 2005

the RZA

There was an article in the Chronicle about an interview that RZA gave recently at Koret. Where do these events get publicized? I would have thought about going, at least for a couple of minutes.

I find RZA a thoroughly fascinating character. He's obviously a talented musician and composer, as he's demonstrated since his Wu-Tang Clan days, and more recently with his work on the Ghost Dog and Kill Bill soundtracks, as well as The World According to RZA, in which he collaborated with French and German musicians. His IMDB profile states that he's an "influential producer and hip-hip MC" and lists a half a dozen aliases. Indeed, he seems to embrace the idea of having multiple public personalities, including the more lighthearted "Bobby Digital" alter ego. Judging from various interviews, including a recent appearance on the Daily Show, the RZA also appears knowledgeable (and often philosophical) about an assortment of topics, including martial arts, Islam (although he is Christian), chess, vegetarianism, recreational drug use, and 20th century history.

Perhaps I just find it refreshing to hear a popular hip-hop artist converse intelligently and profoundly about subjects unrelated to his music.

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