Friday, April 07, 2006

blame it on the rain

I feel like I haven't posted anything in months. I blame it (quite unreasonably) on the terrible, horrible weather we've been having in the Bay Area.

Honestly, I think we've had less than 5 days of sunshine since late February. I've lived in the region practically my entire life and I don't remember there ever being this much rain in so short of a timeframe. There was a pretty bad year in the early 80's sometime; I remember an episode when I was very young, and my parents were having a hard time navigating our car through flooded roads and highways, on our way home from somewhere. Looking at historical rainfall records, it was probably 1983. I also remember a couple of bad years during high school (early to mid 1990's), but the rain was more spread out over the winter, rather than concentrated in one or two months, as it's been this year.

The supposed benefit of all the bad weather is that the snow in Tahoe has been awesome, although slightly more suited to snowboarders than skiers. Unfortunately, I haven't been up there since early February, so I haven't really taken advantage.

I'd actually been quite grumpy about getting rained out every weekend, until this morning, when I woke up to sunshine, a runny nose, a scratchy throat, and the realization that the rain had been holding off my normal spring allergies. I guess it's true about silver linings, and all that.

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