Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Yesterday, while some people were over, I was flipping through channels and ran across one of the Lara Croft movies. We only watched it for maybe ten minutes, but even in that short time, I found it interesting, how many people have emphatic opinions about Angelina Jolie.

One person pointed out how she likes to watch Jolie's movies because she feels like indirectly, she's doing something good (1/3 of Jolie's income goes to charity). She mentioned Jolie's hands-on charity work with international refugees, and her adoption of two children from "Third World" countries.

Another person criticized her for having broken up Brad Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston, and for having previously broken up other relationships.

A third person didn't really care about her personal life, but thought she was hot, and a fourth person promptly disagreed and said she was too weird looking.

As for me, I think she's a good actress in some cases (Girl, Interrupted) and bad in others (Gone in Sixty Seconds). I admire what she has done for charity, and how she appears to care very little about public opinion.

Perhaps it's that a strong personality that elicits strong reactions, in which case, I would imagine she is quite happy with her public persona.

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