Friday, April 20, 2007

studies confirm yet again...

I try to keep an open mind towards religious conservatives (like I said, I try), but sometimes I just don't think there are really two sides to a debate.

For instance, when it comes to abstinence-only education vs comprehensive sex ed, the evidence against abstinence-only seems too overwhelming to deny. What part of it doesn't work don't these people understand?

Here is the telling statistic in this latest study:
In the Mathematica survey, which was released by sex education activists after the health department sat on it, the mean age at which the control group, that had been taught about contraception, lost their virginity was 14.9 years. That seems strikingly low, until you look at the mean age of first sexual experience for the abstinence control group - 14.9 years.

It's all well and good to theorize that promoting abstinence will reduce sexual activity among teens, but it's been tried and done, and the facts don't support the theory. At this point, wouldn't it make sense to stop pouring money into an effort which is yielding zero results?

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