Thursday, August 19, 2010

caution: incoherent rant

D and I have a Wells Fargo mortgage. A couple of weeks ago, a guy called us up and told us that we could refinance through their program to a much lower rate, with no fees and no new appraisal. The only catch was that we'd have to take our home out of trust and then put it back after closing. Normally this requires notary costs ($10 per signature) as well as recording costs ($15 for the first page). However, the mortgage rep claimed that we could walk into "any Wells Fargo branch" and have the deeds notarized at no fee because they would be Wells Fargo documents.

Bright and early this morning, we trekked down to Santa Clara to get the deeds from our attorney. Then, we visited two Wells Fargo branches and had them call at least three other ones in a futile attempt to get our papers notarized. Washington Street (Santa Clara) said they used to have a notary but she left. North First Street (San Jose) said that they had one on staff but that she was on vacation. They called Rivermark (Santa Clara) for us, but their notary was on maternity leave. Winchester (Santa Clara), Arques (Sunnyvale), Park Center (San Jose), no dice. Everyone was either on vacation or on some kind of leave. WTF? Do people not work anymore?

Finally, as we retreated in defeat and headed to work, I started dialing branches near home. San Carlos said their notary was on vacation (of course) and suggested Belmont. In the end, out of eight Wells Fargo branches, Belmont was the only one who actually claimed to have a notary in the office today. So much for "any branch". Anyway, we're going to try to head over tonight before they close at 6pm. I remain skeptical.

P.S. Someone should start running businesses that open just from 6am to 9am and from 6pm to 9pm. I am convinced that here in Silicon Valley, they would make a killing.

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