Thursday, August 05, 2010

yeah, right

I dislike companies whose employees lie to me.

Today I called Citibank to request a reward check for my Citi Platinum Dividend card. Normally I'm able to request the reward check online, but for some reason the online interface wasn't showing me that particular link today. The person who answered the phone had a heavy Indian accent and identified herself as Susan. Interesting, but okay, whatever.

I asked her to send me my check, and she said that she wasn't able to see any dividends in my account, because it was "under conversion" to a new type of card. She said I should call back in a few days to request my reward. I asked if the dividends would be properly transferred to the new account, and she assured me that they would. I asked if I would be able to request the reward check online once the conversion was done, and again she said yes.

As I was about to hang up, I asked if she could give me her extension so that if I had to call back, I'd be able to tell the next rep who I'd talked to previously. She said she was unable to give me that information. I asked for her last name, and she said "Smith". Then, she wished me "a pleasant evening". This was at oh...9:30am Pacific. Susan Smith? Yeah, right.

I guess I really don't care as I'm cancelling this card once I get my money out anyway. The new rewards system (as of July 1st) totally sucks.

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