Friday, December 03, 2010

moving pains

It's been about a month since D and I moved back into our remodelled house. One would think that moving back into a house that we'd already lived in would be easier, but we're having to do a lot of things again.

Honestly, I hate moving. Every time I move I swear I'll never do it again. This time I think maybe it'll actually stick for a good while.

Anyway, I was thinking over all of the issues that we've been handling and are still handling, and I was amazed by the length of the list.

before moving in:
- walk-through with contractors to create punchlist
- HVAC cleaning appointment
- tree removal service (quotes & final appointment)
- moving day coordination

right after moving:
- satellite TV appointment (DISH this time)
- re-cabling of family room TV setup since the DISH box requires an open shelf
- new garage door installation
- new blinds for new windows
- selection & installation of new front door locks (required patching existing door)

during the past few weeks:
- delivery of new sectional for family room
- delivery & assembly of new desk for study
- special trash pickup scheduling
- pest control appointments
- new sheets and towels
- new items for punchlist after heavy rain
- garage cleanup

still pending, blocked on other people:
- installation of new blinds
- remaining old furniture donation/disposal
- remaining contractor punchlist items
- installation of new wireless doorbell

still to do, haven't got around to these yet:
- redo networking setup to incorporate the new CAT6 cabling
- bolt down safe
- debug powermeter setup
- finish hanging photos and artwork
- finish garage cleanup

This list doesn't include the non-trivial number of remaining boxes that still need to be unpacked. Argh.

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