Monday, June 20, 2005

reasons to buckle your seat belt

During halftime of yesterday's very excellent NBA Finals game, I volunteered to pick up dinner for everybody. On my way back, I accidentally put the big bag of food behind my seat in such a way that the my seat belt got stuck. Since I was only two blocks away, and I was trying to get back in time for the beginning of the second half, I decided to drive without it. Yes, bad me.

It felt horrible. I've lived in California since I was born, except during college, and we've had a seat belt law for at least half of that (definitely since I started driving), so I've literally never driven without my seat belt. It turns out that I actually use the fact that I'm strongly attached to my seat to apply extra torque to my decidedly stiff steering wheel (the power steering on my car is not the greatest), and my driving performance declines markedly when I don't wear my seat belt. Who knew?

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