Saturday, June 18, 2005

visiting the TV graveyard

I seem to have a habit of getting attached to shows that no one else is watching. Most of the time they're pretty well-received by critics, but for some reason or another they don't do well in the ratings.

Most recently, I was hooked on the now-cancelled WB show Jack & Bobby, which focused on two brothers (not the Kennedys), one of which would grow up to the the President of the United States. Much like Everwood (also on the WB, but still running), it had many subplots not having to do with teen angst. During its one short season, the show tackled feminism, drunk driving, choosing religion, abortion, sexual harassment, and a variety of other politically-charged issues, while introducing a cast of richly imagined, flawed but compelling characters. Someone at WB should be fired for scheduling it against The West Wing, which has lost much of its lustre since Sorkin's departure, but is still mostly worth watching, and probably draws a similar audience.

I had similar experiences with Sports Night, a brilliant Aaron Sorkin comedy that only lasted two seasons, Mister Sterling, about a rookie politician learning the ways of Washington, and to some extent Futurama, which I thought was better than The Simpsons during its time.

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