Tuesday, December 26, 2006


There are lots of yummy things to eat in Taiwan, and I've had many of them over the last few days, but I never leave without having gone to Din Tai Fong. Can't beat their dumplings...

We always horrify the waitstaff with our American-sized appetites; this is the third consecutive year that our waitress has tried to convince us our order was too large, and it's the third consecutive year that we've finished everything that we've ordered.

This year, after we sat down, they brought out a little contraption that consisted of cloth stretched over a folding metal frame:

The waitress set it up at the corner of the table between my sister and me, and looked at us expectantly. We gave her a blank look, and she explained it was for our purses.

I thought this was absolute genius. I'm always slinging my purse over the back of my chair (where it often falls because the chair is curved or someone has bumped it), or wedging it between my back and the chair (where it pokes me while I eat), or holding it uncomfortably on my lap (where I proceed to drop food on it). Why don't we have these things in the US yet?


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