Tuesday, September 25, 2007

extremely disturbed

I walked into the women's restroom just now (at work), and heard someone talking. She switched from English to another language shortly after I got there, but continued her conversation. After I left my stall, I checked to see if there was anyone else in the restroom (other that woman and myself), but there wasn't. I concluded there was only one explanation; the woman was carrying on a cell phone conversation while on the toilet.

After I got back to my desk, I mentioned the episode to my officemate, and she informed me that the situation was even stranger than I had realized; apparently that woman had *placed* the call while in the restroom. In other words, she hadn't just received a call, she had actually decided to dial someone up and initiate an extended conversation, while sitting on the toilet. I wonder what the recipient of her call thought when s/he heard the toilets flushing in the background.

Is anyone else disturbed by this or is it just me? Maybe it's a cultural thing?

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