Thursday, September 13, 2007

one in a million

Today, someone said to me, "you're one in a million!". No, it wasn't a co-worker praising my brilliant coding skills, or a friend admiring my wit and charm. It was my dentist, commenting on my fused tooth.

My dad's side of the family has a tendency towards weird teeth. My cousin and I were both missing two baby teeth, and her brother was missing one, but had a fused baby tooth. I think they both have normal adult teeth, but I continue to be missing two teeth, and one of the adjoining teeth came out as a fused tooth. It looks like two teeth somehow got smashed together, but there is only one root. On the bright side, because of the resulting extra space in my mouth, I've been allowed to keep all four of my wisdom teeth.

Anyway, apparently my new dentist also has a fused tooth, so she was excited to see mine. Maybe we're related.

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