Saturday, September 08, 2007

trampoline dodgeball

Last week, I went to a birthday party at Sky High Sports, in Santa Clara. Located at the site of the old SpeedRing indoor go-karting arena, Sky High fills that space with three huge trampoline arenas; one for "free play", one for dodgeball, and one with a foam pit.

To paraphrase Joey: trampolines == good, dodgeball == good; trampoline dodgeball == good!

It was a total blast; we stayed out there for an hour, and I must have played at least five or six games. It turns out I'm no good at throwing, but I seem to dodge pretty well, since I didn't spend much time on the sidelines. As a result, I was pretty exhausted (and dehydrated!) afterwards, so it was a good workout, too. Definitely worth multiple repeat visits, especially for $10/hour.

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