Sunday, November 18, 2007

family photos

In my grandparents' house in Taipei, there are several shelves full of old black-and-white photo albums. The photos are slowly deteriorating, and every so often we talk about what to do about them, but we've never gotten around to taking them to a photo restoration professional yet.

However, a few years back, I took a digital camera to one of the oldest albums, and managed to extract a few decent images.

Here's one of my great-aunt, my grandfather, my great-grandfather, and my great-grandmother. They're standing in front of the same house in which my grandparents still live; the one with the photo albums:

My great-grandfather is also in this one. It's a more interesting scene, but unfortunately it's in worse shape. I didn't do as good of a job of capturing the image with my camera, either; the original isn't blurred at all:

I wonder who all the other people are? My dad could only identify a few of them.

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