Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the next great Kettle Chip

A co-worker brought in a big box of Kettle Chips yesterday. At first, we weren't sure why she would do such a thing, when we have tons of perfectly good free Kettle Chips here, but then she explained that the box contained five new flavors of chips, and that one would be selected "by the people" to be the next permanent Kettle Chip flavor.

Of course, everyone within earshot felt compelled to contribute to the democratic process by sampling all of the new flavors. This year's theme being "Fire & Spice", all five flavors had a pretty good kick: Mango Chili, Orange Ginger Wasabi, Death Valley Chipotle, Wicked Hot Sauce, and Jalapeno Salsa Fresca. My personal favorite was the Chipotle, with the Mango a close second. I was not fond of the Wasabi flavor, which was disappointing, since the name made it sound really yummy.

Both of my picks are currently doing very well in the standings, so I'm looking forward to potentially seeing one of them in the mini-kitchens next year.

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