Tuesday, February 10, 2009

catching up on movies

I recently watched several movies. It was quite unusual for me, as I usually watch maybe 1-2 movies a month, which makes my Netflix subscription pretty useless except for convenience.

Two weeks ago I finally saw The Dark Knight, which on the while I liked very much. Unfortunately, every time I saw Aaron Eckhart, I thought of his character in No Reservations, so I couldn't take the whole crazed-from-grief thing seriously. Also, I didn't like Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel.

A friend threw a movie night last week, and we watched Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay. It was kind of amusing but not as good as the first. Plus, for the first twenty minutes I kept trying to remember if the character of Vanessa had been in the first movie and/or if we were supposed to know who she was. Although I don't watch many movies, I must watch too much TV: I immediately recognized Rob Corddry from The Daily Show, Roger Bart from Desperate Housewives, and Eric Winter from Brothers and Sisters. It was interesting to see the latter two play completely different roles from their TV characters.

Last Friday, a friend organized a girls' night to watch He's Just Not That Into You. The setup was kind of interesting, with a bunch of loosely connected men and women who were in various stages of relationships, but I thought the movie's supposed "insights" were pretty stereotypical and most of the women characters were too desperate and not that likable. I also didn't like that the happy ending for Jennifer Aniston's character negated all of her character growth throughout the movie. Oh well, it was a fun night hanging out with friends.

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