Friday, March 12, 2010

it's a miracle!

Back in 2000, when my parents were visiting me in Boston, they stayed at the Cambridge Marriott. When they were leaving, an over-eager bellhop crammed the trunk of my '99 Subaru too full with their bags, so when we got to Logan Airport, it refused to open.

The next half hour was extremely stressful. I tried opening the trunk with the lever inside the car, with keys, and by pulling on it while holding the lever, to no avail. The security guys at the departure dropoff area were pretty cool; they brought us a crowbar, and eventually offered a sledgehammer (not kidding). My dad finally managed to pry it open with the crowbar, while standing on the car and jumping up and down on it, and in the end my parents made their flight.

Ever since then, my trunk has been kind of screwy. As a result of all the prying, it doesn't look like it's closed all the way, even when it is actually latched shut. Then, a few years later, the release lever inside the car stopped working. After pulling on it futilely a few times, I learned my lesson. For the last six or seven years, whenever I've dropped off passengers with baggage, I've always turned off the car and run to the back to open the trunk with my keys.

This morning, D accidentally closed the trunk with my keys inside. After a few moments of panic, I got on the line with AAA. The rep was helpful and efficient (as always...I love AAA) and when she got to the end of filing the request, she asked me to confirm that there was no way to open the trunk from inside the car. As I was apologetically explaining to her that the inside lever had been broken for six or seven years, I yanked on it anyway, just to check. And, the trunk opened.

I felt pretty stupid for a few seconds, but now just I'm psyched that my car has a working trunk release lever again. I wonder what had happened; maybe the Boston weather had caused something to freeze up or something?

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