Sunday, March 28, 2010

return of the weddings

I went to a wedding this past weekend. As I was getting dressed, I realized it had been awhile since I'd been to a wedding as a regular guest, although I was a bridesmaid in one on New Year's Day.

D and I only attended two weddings in all of 2009, so we started to think that maybe the rush was over. Then the save-the-dates started to pile up again, and we are now scheduled to attend eight weddings this year. (At one point there were nine, but shit happens, I guess.)

Last year, we had the luxury of making mini-vacations out of both wedding trips. It helped that one was in Vegas, and the other was in San Diego over 4th of July weekend.

This year, things are likely to be a bit more hectic.

The current list:
January 1st: in San Francisco, CA
March 27th: in Santa Clara, CA
July 3rd: in Falls Church, VA
August 7th: in Leesburg, VA
August 21st: in Carmel, CA
September 4th: in Palo Alto, CA
September 26th: in San Jose, CA
October 23rd: in the DC area

(At this rate, I will have attended 51 weddings by the end of 2010.)

Out of curiosity, so I went back and looked at the list of people whom D and I had invited to our wedding. I identified all the guests who were of "our generation", and then classified those people as married or unmarried. It turns out that only about half of those guests were married at the time that they attended our wedding. I guess that means we might have some way to go weddings-wise, although I don't presume that all of our friends and relatives want/plan to be married, either.

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