Tuesday, March 09, 2010

pain in the ass

I'd been having problems with my workstation crashing over the last few weeks, so I filed a ticket, and my replacement arrived this morning. The person who delivered it swapped in my good upgraded memory from the old machine, hooked it up, and left.

I booted it up and it refused to let me log in ("not provisioned"). I rebooted, and it still didn't work. I called the Tech Stop and they were unhelpful ("wait 30 minutes and reboot"). I went to my 10:30am meeting, figuring I'd deal with it when I got back.

When I got back, I rebooted, and of course I was still unable to log in. I stopped by the closest Tech Stop, explained to them that it had been over three hours since the machine had been provisioned, and that it was still not connecting to the network properly. They tried pretty much the same things that the phone support guys had tried, and then said that they'd send me a field tech. So, I stood there and waited, idly checking email on my phone.

After a few minutes one of the techs told me that I could go back to my desk and that someone would be there shortly. Apparently the field techs had a queue of desks to visit. I told him that I couldn't work anyway, so I might as well wait. He suggested it had been awhile and I should go back to my desk and try rebooting again.

I went back to my desk, rebooted, and surprise! It didn't work. I promptly ran back over to the Tech Stop to wait some more. This time, within minutes, I was able to persuade a field tech came back with me. He copied over some files, and voila, my new workstation was functional.

I'm pretty good at being a pain in the ass...it seems to be what works to get things done. Unfortunate.

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