Friday, June 18, 2010

analyzing Disney movies

I'm thinking the first paragraph of this post might explain why I'm not a big Disney fan.

So one time, Chloe at Feministing posted about Disney’s The Little Mermaid, calling it “a feminist’s worst nightmare,” because it’s literally the story of a woman who gives up her voice to get a man, which: sort of true, but also no, because in a universe where you can VERY EASILY read the moral of Beauty and the Beast as being “if you love your abusive boyfriend enough, he will change for you,” The Little Mermaid is second-worst, at best.

The rest of the article offers some rebuttal to the above argument, but I think there's still some truth in it.

(Also, the following excerpt, from later on in the post, is hilarious.)

There’s the fact that Eric, who frankly has the personality of a Ken doll, saves Ariel from her distress at the end in a disappointingly mundane way (he rams a ship into Ursula. really? REALLY? She’s become this like giant ball of evil magic fury and all it takes is a little poke with some wood? …oh, I get it now).

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