Sunday, June 13, 2010

remodelling is messy

D and I are remodelling our house. (I understand that "remodeling" is the correct American spelling, but it always looks wrong to me, so I persist in spelling it the British way.)

Our architect told us not to be shocked the first time we went to look at our house after deconstruction. (Deconstruction is like demolition, but is done carefully so that old cabinets and appliances can be donated. It costs more but with the tax deduction is almost break-even, so we did it.) Apparently many homeowners freak out when they see their homes torn apart. Evidently D and I have no such emotional attachment to our house, because our reaction was one of excitement rather than horror.

This is the current state of our guest bathroom. Fortunately, we hated the guest bathroom; we look forward to the day when there will be no handicapped-accessible seat, the door will latch closed properly, and the walls and tiles will not be pink and blue and grey.

I guess a plumber was here recently.

I'm also looking forward to having CAT6 cabling in every room.

Not sure what this is...there are bits and pieces of things all over the house.

Things look like they're going pretty well so far. I guess our architect must have done an okay job drawing up the plans.

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