Monday, May 16, 2011

positive identification

I ran the Bay to Breakers again this year with some friends. I was definitely not in good running condition, having had knee problems and a lingering cough over the past few weeks, but managed to finish anyway.

Afterwards we walked back to a friend's house, where we'd stashed a change of clothes and some groceries. We took turns showering and cooking, and eventually we ended up watching the party (she lives on Fell Street, which is pretty much party central) while munching on French toast and breakfast sandwiches.

I told everyone to keep an eye out for my coworkers, who were dressed as lemmings in green wigs and blue snuggies. We finally spotted them shortly after noon, at which point we had an exchange that went something like this:

friend:Wow, the guys in the back are holding someone up. She looks really drunk! Do you know her? It's a dark-haired girl.
me:(glancing out the window) Hmm. No, I don't think so, I only know like 4 out of the 13 lemmings, and they're all white guys.

Then, this morning at work:
me:Hey, I saw you guys on the course yesterday. Who was the drunk girl?
coworker #1:Umm. No comment.

A couple hours later:
me:How was your weekend?
coworker #2:Oh, good. Met up with J and some of the lemmings after the race.
me:Hmm. (J is an Asian female, a coworker from another office.) Hey <coworker #1>, was J the drunk girl?
coworker #1:I said no comment!


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