Wednesday, May 02, 2007

yay Amazon!

A few weeks ago, I ordered a set of 100 slim-line jewel cases from Amazon, to go with my 100 count spindle of blank DVDs. It came within a few days, as always, but I soon discovered that out of the 100 cases, 14 were cracked. I called up Amazon's customer support line (1-800-201-7575, not listed on their website but easy to find using Google) and the customer support representative fixed everything. First, she put in a replacement order, which would arrive within a week. Then, she walked me through the steps to get a label for free shipping on the return package. I had the new tracking number within a day. Today I received the new cases, wrapped in two extra layers of padding, and indeed, it appears that all 100 are intact.

This is why I buy things from Amazon. I hardly ever have problems, but when I do, they are resolved quickly and effortlessly. When I used to live in Central Square in Cambridge (7 years ago!) I once ordered some books from Amazon which were supposed to have been delivered to my doorstep, but I never got them. Someone probably saw a package and swiped it (I'm sure he/she was thrilled to discover textbooks inside). Anyway, I called up Amazon, and within a day they had sent out a replacement package.

Recently, I've taken to buying things like refrigerator water filters and vacuum cleaner supplies from Amazon. It's just not worth it to research and call up multiple stores looking for the exact part that I need, and then have to drive there (with gas prices so high!) to pick it up; I just pay the $5 shipping and save myself time and hassle instead.

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