Monday, July 23, 2007

5 hours or minus a few minutes.

After karaoke-ing until 2am on Friday, I didn't get to Costco until around 10:30am on Saturday morning. With the typical weekend lines, and me stopping for a Very Berry Sundae, I didn't get home with my copy of Deathly Hallows until 11:15am. I read until 1:45pm, which was actually fifteen minutes later than I had planned; I had to run some errands in the city before heading over to Oakland to watch the A's play the Orioles. The game ended at 9pm, I got home at 9:45pm, showered and changed into pj's, and started in again at around 10:15pm. I finally finished around 12:45am, so I was able to sleep in peace.

I won't spoil the book here, but I will say I liked it much better than I liked the fifth Harry Potter movie last weekend.

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