Sunday, July 29, 2007

bouncy castle!

Today was bouncy castle day!

A coworker had a belated birthday BBQ at his house, and in the backyard, next to the grill, was a 15ft-by-15ft bouncy castle. Apparently, it isn't too common for adults to rent bouncy castles for their own use; most of the clients are people wanting to rent them for their kids' birthday parties. The one we were using was the one normally "recommended for teens", not that there's much difference between a bunch of teenagers and a bunch of twenty-somethings of questionable maturity.

Anyway, it was loads of fun! We spent several hours cycling between eating, drinking, chatting & digesting, jumping, and getting tired and going back for more food. Several people were able to do backflips (not me), no one got hurt and/or sick, and we managed to keep the dogs from doing any harm to the rented equipment. Awesome idea, demonstrating once again that my coworkers are brilliant.

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