Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Renaissance Faire

My parents used to take us to the Renaissance Faire when we were kids, back when it was located in Novato. Since it's been relocated to Hollister, I've only been twice; once four years ago, and then again last weekend. I don't remember it being so expensive the last time ($25!) but I guess it's not so bad for a day's worth of entertainment.

As usual, I most enjoyed the food: we had turkey leg, meat pie, and chocolate-covered frozen cheesecake on a stick. Yum! The jousting and various shows were fun to watch, too. I think we mostly spent our time walking around looking at stuff, and playing with primitive weapons (archery, knife/axe throwing).

Of course, Hollister being so close to Gilroy, we had to spend the last 3 hours of the day at the Gilroy outlet stores. I now have a new pair of cross-trainers and a new pair of basketball shoes.

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