Tuesday, January 18, 2005

companies that suck

As I've said before, I use sneakemail to manage my email. By creating a new, disposable email alias for every website, I can track which companies are selling my email address, and I can easily create a new, clean alias, and cut off the old one.

Among the companies that have recently sold me to spammers:

SBC - I use them for phone service. I would prefer not to, but my condo complex has a gate that's hooked up to a phone, so I need a land line. Plus, I have DSL. They sold my email address to a spammer that wanted to manage my online payments.

Chase - I use a Chase Perfect card. I like that your rebate is credited to your account about two months after you earn it. I almost didn't believe this: they sold my email address to a porn site.

DirecTV - They sent me marketing spam, about their own services. I suppose this might not qualify as spam, since we have an "existing business relationship" but their email was malformed and sent from an outside marketing agency, so it's pretty borderline, in my view.

Macy's - Macy's marketing sucks big time. Never, ever, ever use your real email address to buy anything from Macy's or any other company that uses WeddingChannel.com. They use an outside spammer company to send you spam for the rest of your life. They've somehow managed to send me several pieces of spam, through a completely unpublished email alias. I can only conclude that they've stooped to dictionary attacks.

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