Monday, January 03, 2005

new year

I got back to the Bay Area at 9am on the 31st.

New Year's Eve ended up being fun but pretty low-key this year; we watched some TV, and played board games and video games at a friend's house. Perhaps it was appropriate, given the circumstances.

What's the plan for 2005? As far as resolutions go, I've boiled it down to: a more regular workout routine, a more regular cooking routine, and better productivity (both home and work). Other than that, I think it's time to start off a good ski season, there are a couple of travel plans in the works for later this year, and as always, at least a couple of weddings to attend.

It may also be time to finally splurge and buy a new computer. Yes, I know I should build, but it takes me so long to get around to doing to all the research, that by the time I've picked a case (or a motherboard, or a graphics card), all of my other choices are obsolete. I figure for $500 I can find something ready-made, that's at least five times better than what I've got.

And, it's time to order new books. I finally got a chance to read some of the books that I'd been wanting to read, over my holiday vacation (all worth a look, but the first was by far the best): The Name of the Rose, The Da Vinci Code, The Forest Lover, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and The Rule of Four, so I'll be on the lookout for some new material.

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