Thursday, January 06, 2005

random links

I don't usually like to post entries like this, but here's a bunch of random links that I found interesting recently:

- Stephen Roach is predicting an economic Armageddon for the US, due to our outrageous trade deficit.
- Federally funded abstinence-only programs are teaching students that abortion makes you sterile.
- Here's a list of Top 100 universities put together by someone other than US News & World Report. The twist is that it includes prestigious universities from across the globe.
- Check out Smoosh, a band comprised of a 12-year old and her 10-year old kid sister.
- The NYTimes reports on growing civil unrest in China (use
- Here are some horrifying "before and after" satellite pictures of the devastation caused by the tsunami.
- Finally, my rant of the day: Taiwan has been excluded from a tsunami relief summit, despite having committed $50 million USD so far, making it the world's eighth largest donor.

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