Tuesday, January 11, 2005

die already

I wouldn't have wished death on Laci Peterson, and I don't wish death on Scott Peterson, or Sharon Rocha, or Amber Frey. I am, however, so wretchedly sick of hearing about the Petersons, that I do wish death on the whole Peterson-related circus, also known as the media cycle that wouldn't die.

How many people die every year:
...of starvation?
...of curable diseases?
...of violent crimes that are not prosecuted?
...of violent acts that are not considered crimes?
...in this country?
...in the world?

I feel sorry for everyone involved, but really, how is this particular murder worse than any other? I reject that the death of a pregnant woman is more important than the death of a man and/or his child, and I reject that the death of a suburban housewife is more important than the death of a woman living in an inner city ghetto. Unfortunately, importance does not seem to equal newsworthiness.

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