Thursday, October 27, 2005

more travel

Lately, I've been adding to my "places to visit" list especially quickly.

Among the new additions:
- Vietnam & Cambodia: I hear these places are not yet as touristy as Thailand, but are equally interesting from a cultural standpoint.
- Chile: I've yet to go to South America, and Chile is among the richest and most politically stable of the South American countries. Last month, AAA magazine was advertising Chile as the new Alaska. Plus, there's Easter Island.
- Mexico's Pacific Coast (Puerto Vallerta, Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, maybe Acapulco): I'm sure we'll be in the mood for a "down" vacation sometime, and Mexico is close and cheap.
- Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Romania): I hear it's easier and easier to travel Eastern Europe nowadays, and it's still relatively inexpensive.

The rest of the list:
- Peru: All I know is that Machu Picchu is a must-see.
- Greece: It might take awhile to see both the mainland and the islands, so it'll have to be a long trip.
- Jamaica: I'm thinking this would be the ultimate beach house vacation.
- Sri Lanka: A Sri Lankan friend has been inviting us to visit for a few winters now.
- Africa: I'm not sure which part yet; maybe Morocco, maybe Egypt, maybe South Africa, maybe Madagascar. Unfortunately, it seems like much of the continent is plagued with civil wars.
- Great Britain: I'd like to spend sometime outside of London. Scotland and Wales seem interesting.
- Russia: My grandparents went when I was a kid. They brought back chocolate. Mmm...
- Costa Rica: Our alumni association did a trip to Costa Rica, which was way too expensive for me to think about, but I think we could do better by ourselves.
- Australia: Less important after having gone to New Zealand, but I'd still like to go.
- Iceland: Likewise, after having gone to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Now, if only I had the time and the money...

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