Monday, October 31, 2005

a Niner win!

Wow, I was pretty surprised to hear that the Niners beat the Bucs yesterday.

I wasn't actually watching the game, since I thought they'd get their asses kicked. Plus, I was working on one of my computers, whose ethernet card had given out last week, leaving me with only one functional (9-year-old, Windows 95) desktop.

But, I digress. I figured I'd get the recap from NFL PrimeTime, so I wouldn't be too bummed next week, going to the Giants game. Well, apparently, the defensive line held Cadillac Willams, and the much maligned offensive line got Barlow his first 100-yard game of the year. In the end, five field goals by Nedney were enough to take down the division-leading Tampa Bay Bucs, even though the Niners got down to their last QB, rodeo veteran Cody Pickett, who also moonlights on special teams. Such must have been those 1989 (Super Bowl winning) throwback jerseys.

On a side note, how old am I, when the throwback jerseys look more familiar to me than the current jerseys?

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