Sunday, February 25, 2007

good day

It was rather an unproductive week for me at work, mostly due to me switching onto a new subproject and having to spend a lot of time ramping up. And, being unproductive always makes me feel a little icky, like I'm losing whatever programming skills I ever had, and/or wasting the company's time (and money).

Consequently, it was especially nice to have a really good day today, during which I thought about work not at all.

I slept in pretty late, got up in time to eat a quick brunch, and then spent a couple hours on the EA basketball courts working on my shot, which has been off pretty much since I got back from Hawaii. I now have a really sore right arm, but I think I have some of my form back.

After that, I spent most of the afternoon working on various things that I'd been putting off, including the menu for a birthday party I'm planning, and a detailed task list for a baby shower that I'm also planning.

Dinner was at Delfina, in the Mission, right next to Tartine. I was actually able to find parking only three blocks away, which is always a great way to start off a night in the city. The restaurant was pretty crowded even when we got there at 6pm, and was totally packed when we left after 8pm, with good reason. We ate family style, and there were several dishes that I enjoyed very much, including the Ribollita (kind of a pan-fried stuffing with veggies), the Papperdelle and duck sugo, and the Berkshire pork spareribs.

We were supposed to go to a party at Bubble Lounge around 9pm, so the timing worked out pretty well, what with the drive from the Mission to the Financial District, and then another round of parking bingo. This time we were even luckier, finding a parking spot only a block and a half away. We closed out the evening snacking on Hamachi tartare, grilled mushroom and fontina panini, and strawberry and chocolate fondue, while drinking champagne (of course), scotch, and assorted cocktails generously mixed with Belvedere vodka.

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