Wednesday, February 28, 2007

team demographics

I had a funny conversation today at work:

coworker:Someone was saying to me yesterday that everyone in our group looks the same.
me:(amazed silence, since my coworker is male and white, not to mention British, while I am female and Asian-American)
coworker:Well, we're all young and single, and we all go to the gym.

I guess that's mostly true. There are fifteen engineers on our team, three of whom are over 30. Of the three, two are married, and of those two, one has children. Everyone else is "young and single", although I feel pretty old surrounded by all of the recent grads. And, over half the team goes to the gym at least every other day. I don't think any of that makes us look alike, though, except that (being somewhat in shape and not having spent money on kids and such) we mostly all wear nice jeans.

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