Monday, August 20, 2007

highly recommended

Going from expensive yummy food to cheap yummy food...

Once in awhile there's a restaurant that I start to hear about from lots of disjoint sources. For example, Sushi House was recommended to me by three separate people who I'm pretty sure have never met. The first is a friend who I've known for almost 10 years now, who lives in Milpitas, but will drive to Alameda with her husband specifically to eat there. The second is a classmate from MIT, who discovered Sushi House while doing graduate research at Berkeley. The last is a friend that I met recently, who I play board games with; he did his undergrad at Berkeley, and used to eat there while in school. I think I've previously written about it, but as it turned out, I did enjoy Sushi House very much, and have been back a couple of times.

More recently, I started to hear a lot about Layang Layang, in San Jose. The same MIT friend who recommended Sushi House said it was his new favorite Malaysian restaurant, and another person mentioned it in passing, but the clincher was when a friend who grew up in Malaysia claimed it was the best Malaysian food he'd had in the area. Yesterday, we finally made our way down there to try it out, and it was very good indeed.

My favorite dishes were the Sarang Burung, which is a seafood dish that comes served in a fried taro nest, and the Princess Tofu (I do have a weakness for good tofu). I also quite enjoyed the "ABC" dessert, which is a shaved ice dish with a lot of goodies inside: red bean, sweet corn, grass jelly, and some other kind of green jelly. Plus, we ate until we were stuffed, and paid about $15 per person. Bonus!

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