Friday, August 24, 2007

new games = sleep deprivation

We ordered some new board games a few weeks ago, to go with the original set that we bought almost two years previously.

Up until last year, our favorites were Settlers (+ both expansions), Puerto Rico (+ expansion), Carcassonne (+ expansions & variations), and Ticket to Ride (usually Europe).

Recently, we've been playing a lot of Goa and Power Grid, so we ordered those two, plus Caylus, Thebes (brand-new in 2007) and A Game of Thrones (being the George R. R. Martin fan that I am, I couldn't pass it up).

Yesterday, we opened the new games for the first time, and inaugurated them by playing a 4.5 hour game of Caylus. Granted, three of the players had never played before, and the other two had only played a few times before, but it was still a long game. Amazingly, it didn't start to feel long until sometime well after midnight, when I realized I was losing and I would have to drive twenty minutes to get home afterwards. I ended up getting home at 2am, which meant about 5.5 hours of sleep, but I think it was worth it. It's a good thing today is Friday, though.

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