Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today, I checked in a pretty big changelist. It felt like I had been working on it forever, so I looked at a calendar, and it has indeed been a month and three days since I first started to work on this change.

A rough breakdown:
- 1-2 days figuring out initial approach
- 3-4 days iterating on approach
- over a week coding up a mostly working but slow version
- 1-2 days reverting some changes to make it slightly faster
- 3-4 days writing a separate changelist which would help my original changelist's performance
- another week or so of further performance improvements
- 3-4 days of addressing code review comments
- 1 day of wrestling with the build, getting all the unit tests working, and manual testing

That brings me up to today, when I checked in my changelist, just a few hours ago. It's possible my changelist will cause lots of bugs and wreak havoc on our build, but it's still a relief to have it checked in.

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