Friday, February 04, 2011

not cool

I went to the gym today at lunchtime, as I always do on Fridays. I went to the locker room, changed, put my things in my gym bag, put the bag in a locker (no lock, like all lockers in our gyms), and went to class. After class I showered and changed back, and then looked for my phone, which I had put in a pocket of my bag. I couldn't find it.

I was pretty sure I'd had it on me, so I checked the locker again, and then the bag. I still couldn't find it, so I went back to my desk and checked my purse. No phone.

I went on Latitude and tracked myself. My last known location was 11:51am at the gym.

I called my phone. It went straight to voicemail.

I called the gym. They hadn't found any phones.

I called security. They were able to tell me that I swiped into the gym at 11:48am, but as there were no security cameras in the locker room (duh), they couldn't do much else for me. They also said no phones had been found.

I called techstop, and they sent a wipe command to my phone. They advised me to wait a few hours to see if the thief would attempt to turn on the phone, thus executing the wipe, and then to file a police report and call my carrier.

The City of Mountain View has a nice online form, so I filed a report immediately.

Looks like I'll be talking to T-Mobile tonight.

I'm pretty bummed that I lost my brand-new unlocked smartphone, not to mention my SIM card. I'm also sad that someone here at work would steal from a fellow employee. Plus, I feel oddly naked without a phone. Sigh.

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