Sunday, December 09, 2007

clothing challenge

Yesterday morning, I spent at least ten minutes thinking about what to wear. For me, this is not a common occurrence at all.

The problem statement:
I was going to a birthday party at the Exploratorium which included a visit to the Tactile Dome. I hadn't been to the Tactile Dome since I was about ten (school field trip) and definitely didn't want to miss out. So, I needed to wear something that would allow me to crawl around on my hands and knees in the dark. I also wanted to look somewhat reasonably well dressed at Davies Symphony Hall, two hours later.

The solution:
I ended up wearing a purple knit dress with black jeans underneath, and I took off the jeans before heading to the symphony. I also changed my shoes from sneakers to pumps.

I think if I were a guy I could have just worn khakis and a button-down shirt to both. Not quite fair, is it?

Incidentally, we didn't make it to the late birthday party after the symphony yesterday. I'd made post-performance reservations at Jardiniere, and we ended up meeting there with some friends who had just come from the opera. After several hours of sitting around chatting while enjoying our espresso, dessert wine, port, and generous helpings of dessert, we decided that it wasn't worth heading over to Suede since we'd only be there for an hour before closing. Next time!

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