Monday, December 03, 2007

mmm, cupcakes

Over the weekend, I went to a baby shower where they served mini cupcakes from Sibby's Cupcakery. They were super cute, and yummy too.

There were four flavors:
- vanilla w/ chocolate frosting, decorated with pink ribbon icing
- chocolate w/ coconut flakes (very generous w/ the coconut topping)
- chocolate w/ pink frosting, decorated with sprinkles and a candy flower
- red velvet w/ vanilla frosting, decorated with a pink pig, since it's the year of the pig

I managed to try at least half a cupcake of each flavor (red velvet was the best), and ended up eating a total of three cupcakes, which was definitely more than my fair share.

It's too bad that Sibby's has a minimum order of 1 dozen cupcakes (2 dozen, for mini cupcakes); they don't have an actual store, only a warehouse of sorts, where you go to pick up the cupcakes when they're ready.

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